Beginner Guide / FAQ

The multiplayer of Der Professor is really a science in itself. So here is the Beginner Guide.

1. Registration

  • You need an Der Professor Account to play online!
  • You can register an Account here
  • Verify your E-Mail (Have not received mail? Read this!)

2. Connect with other Players

  • Go to “Search Server” and click on the ID of an Server.
  • You should see a text like this: “selected server: xy”.
  • Now click on “Connect” and wait 5 Seconds.
  • Now You should see the “Server Lobby”
  • Click on “Join Map”
  • After a few seconds of black screen start the game
  • Enter your nickname

3. Join / Host a Game

  • If you want to Host a Game please read this!
  • If you want to Join a Game:
  • Click on “Join Game” and enter the Lobby ID of the Game or the server ip or the nickname of the host.
  • Connection Failed? The hosted game is on a router and not forwarded or not forwarded properly.

4. Play

  • First you must join a slot. Press a number from 1-8 and press Enter
  • Press Tab if you want to see your stats
  • After i join a slot i see “You are Dead” – Hold down the “i” button. Press Enter after 5 seconds.
  • I’m stuck! – Hold down the “i” button to kill yourself.

Other Errors
The game crashes! – It can be a problem with the map. Try another one.
The game still crash! – Please post your problem in the forum!
Error 16/14 or something like this – Launch the game with administrator right

I have found a new error! Need help :O
Please post your problem in the forum!

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The server of Der Professor are no longer available (Server Browser still works, Master Game Server is offline). READ MORE